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Key Benefits

Nextel 4-in-1 Communications
2 way radio
Text Messaging
Digital Cellular
Wireless Web

Nextel, Only From Sprint
Stay Connected.

Nextel® Walkie-Talkie

Instantly connect with the world's largest walkie-talkie network, including over 20 million people, at the push of a button.
Nextel's walkie-talkie service is built into every Nextel phone to help you get right through. Connect in under a second to any Nextel customer:
locally within your walkie-talkie calling area
nationwide from coast to coast
internationally between the U.S. and up to five countries
Plus, you'll enjoy these benefits:
Save Time. Walkie-talkie calls typically take far less time than regular cell calls.

Save Money. Keep your cell minutes. Several rate plans offer unlimited walkie-talkie minutes or choose to pay only for the time you use. Nextel rounds all walkie-talkie calls to the nearest second.

Clear. Secure. Walkie-talkie calls run over the Nextel National Network so you get a clear, secure link.

Do. In Private. Switch from speakerphone to private mode.

Nextel provides the best-in-class walkie-talkie service when you want to connect in an instant:
Walkie-Talkie Features
The Other Guys
Over 20 million subscribers
13 years of experience
Connect in under one second
International service
Walkie-Talkie only plans

Nextel, Only From Sprint
Lead The Way.

GPS Solutions

Whether you need turn-by-turn driving directions, off-road navigation tips, or an easier way to track mobile resources, Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) solutions from Nextel are readily-available for business and personal use.
With accurate, built-in GPS receivers, most Nextel phones – including the i860 camera phone and the rugged i605 – can pinpoint locations in seconds.

Digital Media Center
Digital Media Center
Select from popular music categories like Pop, Rock, R&B, Rap, Classical, and more
From bingo to sports; have fun anywhere you are.
Web Services»
With our web content providers like, you can stay in touch, informed, and in control, all from your Nextel phone.
Multimedia Messaging»
Send and receive messages with images, audio, and text.
Text Messaging»
Send, receive, and save text messages as long as 500 characters.
Instant Messaging»
Communicate online in real time with users of AOL Instant Messenger", MSN® Messenger, and Yahoo!® Messenger.
MyNextel Address Book»
Instant access to all your business and personal contacts.
Mobile Application Manager»
Wirelessly distribute custom or off-the-shelf Java applications.
Total Account Registration»
Sign up multiple phones on your account all at once.
GPS - Find. Navigate.
Visual and audible turn-by-turn driving directions.
Mobile Locator»
View and monitor employee location in real-time.
Trimble Outdoors»
Turns your Nextel phone or BlackBerry handheld into a GPS receiver.

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